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Hello everybody! I was excited to open my WordPress page today, & as usual, I love it when I have a bunch of notifications awaiting. I go through them, slowly & carefully, tackling each & every comment & making sure to visit back & thank all those who are following & liking. But today, my enjoyment was doubled when I discovered that I was nominated to my First ever blogging award, the 7×7 Award!! :D Yeyy!!!

This is really a cool award, so here are the rules for receiving it:

1. Thank the person who nominated/awarded you.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Share seven of your posts under the headers: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated and Most Pride Worthy.

4. Nominate seven other bloggers and notify them.

So, here I am, ‘complying’ with pleasure! :D

1. I would like to thank the talented and super nice Steph Rice, the one behind this lovely blog: Basmati Taco. Her blog features my personal favorite indulgence, Food! & lots of it! Steph lives in Richmond, Va, & claims to be an amateur cook, but I can promise you, after trying her amazing Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque recipe (details coming up later), everybody at home is an addict!

I think there’s more than food put into her blog. The theme’s design, layout, easy recipe instructions and original amazing photos, all really show a lot about her (& Steph, correct me if I’m wrong here!): Creative, informative, adventurous, elegant, warm, pleasant & fun!

2. Here are seven random facts about me:

1. I love fine arts in general, but specifically painting. I draw & paint, usually with acrylics wand water colors, but have recently started playing around oil painting, & would love to develop this talent of mine as soon as possible in the near future.

2. I have a thing for children suffering from cancer. That’s why I chose to work as a registered nurse, at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

3. I’m still afraid of the dark – especially when I’m alone!

4. I am challenged when it comes to directions. I can never tell the right way to go, or memorize how to get around town where I have lived mostly all of my life!

5. I have never cooked in my life, or even had an interest to develop this skill, until recently. I discovered that I love the process of making food, not just consuming it!

6. I love beautiful handcrafts, of all kinds, & have special appreciation for the ones that require expertise, skill, patience, and are no longer being widely practiced due to the evolution of machinery and computers, like lace!

7. I love Black and white, film photography.

3. My posts:

4. And the nominees are (a la Oscar’s style ;) ):

The last part was the hardest. It took me so much time to try to choose only seven of the blogs that I constantly enjoy reading… Perhaps, next time I’m nominated ;)

Thank you again Steph. It really was delightful :)


  1. Selamat atas penghargaan ini! Kamu pantas mendapatkannya.. :-)

    Subhan Zein

  2. This was so fun to read! Congrats!

  3. Congrats! I love My thin Eats!! Great choice as a nominee!

  4. Congrats on your new award! You definitely deserve it :). I also loved learning some new things about you. And I must say thank you for nominating me for this wonderful award. I am so humbled and grateful. Thank you again and Congrats :)

  5. Thank you so much my dear! I really appreciate your nomination! It has been great knowing you and reading your work here and I look forward to much more!

  6. Congratulations to you on a well-deserved award! And I am honored to be nominated, too. Thank you!

  7. Thanks so much for all the kind words! I love your blog!

  8. Congrats! That is so exciting! I get so excited just to have a comment! :)


  9. Steph was right with his nomination, i like your blog too, mabrouk :-)

  10. Congratulations on receiving your award. I’ve enjoyed learning a little more about you and will now go discover some new blogs.

  11. I like it when people get together and share opinions. Great site, stick with it!

  12. well done! you deserve it ;p lol @ “I’m still afraid of the dark…” I sleep w the night lamp on too, when my hubby is away ;o

  13. Congrats!!! Keep up the wonderful work.

  14. congrats! always nice to get this notification :)

  15. Congratulations on your award – well deserved. Just love reading your blog.

  16. Congrats on your award! Your blog is filled with such a wonderful variety of interesting topics! It’s so great to meet someone who started her blog at the same time for the same reasons as me! Keep up the wonderful posts!

    • Oh thank you for the sweet words!! I really liked your blog, for the exact same reasons ;) It really was a delight discovering it :) & hope you’ll continue liking what I write.. xxx

  17. Congratulation for the award. I hope someday my blog will be listed in Freshly Pressed.
    I like reading your blogs. It’s both Educating and entertaining can we called it edutainment then ?
    Here in my country Indonesia there is a new word infotainment, information that contains entertainment as well, its only information about celebrities and their activities. Do you think that’s entertaining I don’t think so .
    Cheers……..keep on blogging

    • Thank you for visiting! It was really an honor to have you around! :)
      Haha I found these words quite useful! They encompass their exact meaning: Why should we call celebrities’ news ‘information’? LOL Infotainment is a better one ;) This way, I know what’s waiting for me when I hear it, so I’d walk out the door because I couldn’t care less about their news ;)
      So even though it is not entertaining, I still think it is smart terminology :D
      I’d like to sincerely thank you for liking my blog.. & I wish you get Freshly Pressed sooner than you think. You deserve it :)

  18. That is so much fun; congrats!

  19. I like the 7 random facts about you. :) Helps me see the real person inside this blog. …and you live in Beirut. I can’t imagine.

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  21. Congratulations on your award! Your site is awesome! You deserve it!

  22. Congratulations on the award! I can totally relate to getting lost easily. It’s a miracle I don’t get lost in my own apartment sometimes. Hahaha! :)

  23. Hello! You mention you like beautiful handcrafts, and you are interested in exploring your gift in painting more fully.

    I found this helpful, it’s a video on Ebru, which is the ancient art of paper design. I use these techniques in my acryllic painting on canvas. It’s not as fluid, but it is a beautiful way to make a flower on canvas and it comes out pretty rad.

  24. like your blog–fresh and pretty

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  26. 3. I’m still afraid of the dark – especially when I’m alone!– this made me smile. It got me thinking that I’m not alone. :) I also mentioned this in one of my posts–

    • Yeah I already red that post of yours ;) really really loved it :) hehe.. It made feel better about this issue of mine knowing some one else (an adult) who still feels that way :D

      • I’m telling you girl you are not alone on this. hehe :) at times I even have to wake the boyf because I cannot go to the bathroom alone ;)

        • Hahahahaha!! Hilarious! I sometimes hold the pee for a couple of hours before I get the nerves to go out of my room, lighting the whole house, turning on the TV & the radio at some other room…. & the list could go on with so many embarrassing stuff I do out of my fear at night :p

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