At-Home Remedies: Skin Dermabrasion


If you haven’t tried at home remedies, then you are missing a lot on so many beneficial treatments that you can formulate using products found in your kitchen cupboard!

At my part of the world, thousands of home-made beauty recipes have been transferred from a generation to another. Originating from the former societies that relied most on agriculture, herbs and other food products were widely used by women (& men) to maintain and/or enhance their looks.

It is true that not all of these remedies are as universally successful as my grandmas swear them to be, and that they can’t replace some products we use, but seriously, many surprisingly magical results that would normally cost a lot using high-end beauty labels, can be achieved by mixing simple ingredients at home! For this reason, I have decided to post, weekly (fingers crossed), some of these tried on remedies, hoping for you to try them out as well, thus, help reinforcing a natural and organic way of living.

Skin Dermabrasion Mask:

Simply mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a bit of warm water, until you have a watery paste. Massage your face with this paste using circular motion, for about 2-3 minutes. Relax and enjoy while doing so! Then rinse with warm water, and follow with your favorite moisturizer while your pores are still open. Repeat weekly, as needed.

Result: Baby soft skin that will most probably be less wrinkled than most people out there, after repeated use. This is achieved by brushing off the outer layer of dead skin cells that causes dry/oily (or both, depending on your skin type), rough appearance, and consequently showing off a healthier, more radiant layer.

Note, this baking soda paste could also be used on your body! Just be careful not to go around eyes and sensitive areas. For the body, after rinsing the paste off, use baby oil. Results are heavenly smooth skin, that you’ll definitely thank me for :D

Try it out, and let me know what you think!

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  1. Baking soda? Excellent idea, and I will be trying it this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

  2. can’t wait to try it!

  3. Baking soda and baby oil? Noted! Will add these onto my beauty shopping list. Thank you!!! :)

    • ‘Cos I don’t have them at home, but they’re cheaper than the ready-made products I use. :D

      • Yes do try them, it is totally worth it :) & let me know how it turns out!
        Remember to use the baby oil on your body, after rinsing the paste with warm water.. Baby oil alone smoothes & hydrates skin, I use it always after every shower (keeps my skin silky smooth) so how about if you exfoliated prior to applying it ;)

  4. I’m looking forward to trying this on my next day off, which is to or row! I need a bit of TLC so thank you for inspiring me to do so :)

  5. I love baking soda !! I massage my face with baking soda and honestly the result is great!! I also use baking soda for my hair (I mix the soda with my shampoo) and for my teeth (I mix the soda with the toothpaste) !! ;)

  6. OMG.. thanks… ill try it.

  7. It’s a wonderful idea. But I am not sure If I dare to try it :)

  8. This reciepe really works I’ve been using it for about 2 yrs now and it always amaze how soft my skin feels afterwards after I wash the paste off :)

  9. This really does work and will not dry out my “older” skin as long as I use a little moisturizer following the baking soda. Love those home remedies :)

    • Thanks!! I’ve got a slightly dry skin during winter time, a moisturizer following this paste works so well for me :) Baby oil (or any lotion of your choice) over the body is also perfect :)

  10. I’ll be trying this too. Maybe tonight…..during/after a nice long bubble bath!!

  11. Going to try this out. Keep the home beauty remedy blogs coming :-)

  12. Really good choice for a week end pampering, I’d say. Thanks a lot!

  13. So when I pick up the cheddar apple pies will you put a face mask on me?! hahahaha….I actually have a friggin’ pimple on my chin as of this morning and I may give this baking soda trick a whirl. It’s totally rainy and freezing today so it’s a good day to try a face mask and paint my nails with the new Julep box I got today! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :)

    • Lol!! That was funny!! :p
      I donno how this paste will go in case of a pimple, haven’t tried it for that reason (thank God I rarely ever got one) to be honest..
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, & Happy St. Patrick’s day to you too :D Hope you’re enjoying your weekend :)

      • Oh Lord….you haven’t lived unless you’ve had a crappy pimple! I have been touching my face too much. Your post got me thinking about baking soda. I make a paste of it and mix it with a bit of peroxide for a killer toothpaste that makes you feel like you just got back from the dentist and it’s a natural whitener! Also, I use baking soda and a spray bottle with white vinegar to clean my bathroom and kitchen tiles. I’ll let you know how it works on pimples … not that you’ll need it, but just so ya know!

  14. Oooh thanks may have to give this a go! I don’t have time for all those 30 min face masks but this looks a lot quicker and simpler.

  15. Great tip! Will also give it a try. Thank you. And love the graphics!

  16. Girl, as a Mary Kay lady, I am going to keep this one under my hat, but I can’t wait to try it, because that will save me money in the long run, too. ;)

  17. I think I’ve heard of something similar to the baking soda paste before. I remember my mom telling me they used baking soda for a lot of uses. Great article

  18. Hi there!! I should probably steer clear of the skin treatments until I choose to go the “metrosexual” route but I love the blog :) And thanks for stopping by mine!!

  19. Look forward to trying this and more! Especially since I am currently broke! lol

  20. My girlfriend is trying to convince me to do something like dermabrasion? I’m on the fence.

  21. Ooh, I’ll try this recipe too! Thank you :)

  22. Sounds very easy! Do you think it would have a similar effect if you added baking soda to a warm bath instead of bubble bath?

    • Hmm, that I don’t know of! I honestly wouldn’t recommend baking soda to reach sensitive body parts, just incase it might cause any reaction (itching or burning or whatever), I don’t honestly know if it’s ok or not, but I haven’t tried… Let’s look it up! :D

  23. I have to give the baking soda a try, I am all about home remedies.

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  25. baking soda and water? That’s it? I must try this, thank you! Do you have anything else for oily skin? I’ve tried everything. I’m always blotting my face off by noon. ick.

    • Hello Dear!!
      I’m so glad you found this recipe useful :)
      Well my mom has an oily skin as well, the good thing about it is that you won’t have to worry about wrinkles until you’re like 65 or something ;)
      She advises the use of lemon. Apply lemon juice on a cotton, and clean your face! You’ll get a healthy and smooth skin with clean pores forever! :)

      If you still need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know!


  26. This is very useful information! I tend to waste too much money on skin care products. They all claim to do the same thing, but better than the bottle sitting next to them. I will use them once or twice and then start to wonder if I should have bought the other brand.

    • Yes I totally suffer the same dilemma each & every time! But honestly I’ve always found home-made beauty recipes useful! My mom & grandma really found them useful, so why not us as well!!! Until now, the ones I’ve posted are tried and tested by me multiple times, and I’m loving the results and even my friends are now following along! :)
      I’m so glad you found this one useful, check out the rest & I’ll definitely be posting new ones soon :)


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