At-Home Remedies: Clarifying Almond Scrub

July 28, 2012

One of the best things about my beauty advisor is that she always has beautifying home-made recipes… While applying my make-up for a friend’s wedding, I was sharing with her my honey and chocolate scrubs, when she asked me: “Why don’t you use … Continue reading

B Designers

Covered Events

Beirut Designers

July 25, 2012

Beirut and all its surrounding suburbs are full of showrooms and boutiques that feature the latest of global and Lebanese clothing brands and designers. Where ever you go, there’s no street that doesn’t contain at least one clothing store. It’s … Continue reading



At-Home Remedies: Chocolate Facial

July 2, 2012

I LOVE (eating) chocolate, especially dark one… On the other hand, I was always tempted to try out that luxurious chocolate body wrap at Lifestyles Health Club & Spa… & It was amazing I wanted to have more & more of … Continue reading


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