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It is common knowledge now that the Lebanese are famous for inventing a reason to party even when there’s none! So how about when it’s Christmas in Beirut?! Enchanting Decorations were starting to appear around Lebanon since mid November… People couldn’t just wait to celebrate! Most families had their Christmas trees set over a month ago, and some will still have them around till the end of January! All shops started displaying their latest trends of Christmas ornaments and gifts.

My stop today is about the Christmas exhibition that took place in trendiest spot in Beirut, Zaitunay Bay. It was named ‘Christmas at Zaitunay Bay,’ with daily charades, chanting chorals, musicians, crafts, plays and face paint for kids, and a lot more! Lebanese designers, painters, local shops, chefs from five-star hotels and pastry gourmet owners were also exhibiting their best, in specially built wooden cabins to combat December’s stormy weather.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…





The beautiful wooden cabins built especially for the exhibition

The beautiful wooden cabins built especially for the exhibition

Their expressions :)

Their expressions :)

How pretty is she? :)

How pretty is she? :)

Christmas is by far is the happiest season of the year, almost everywhere around the globe… It is a time where joy is automatically transcended between each other, young & old… & even between people and things!

I would love to know… What are your special moments, items and traditions during this holy season?

Happy Holidays!



– All photos are courtesy of Zaitunay Bay.


  1. Hi lovely post and our traditions are staying and eating together in harmony and put sometimes the music on and dance…………..!

  2. Such lovely pictures<3 I miss Beirut and I miss making up creative reasons to party "It's almost the weekend, we need to party" On Tusedays!

  3. Cook and eat. Unfortunately I should be peeling veg right now. I’ll just reach for the fortifying glass of red. Merry Christmas! Hope 2013 is kind to you.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful post! We hope you enjoyed the event! It was actually named “Christmas at Zaitunay Bay” and not “Santa’s Village”. Could you please link to the original photos on our Facebook page? Thank you!

    • Hello :)
      Thank you for the nice comment. I will edit the naming now & link back to your Facebook page!
      Thank you for the notification & keep up the great work :)


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