Sleeping Beauty by Cesar Gemayel

Fine Art

César Gemayel’s “Sleeping Beauty”

March 27, 2015

César Gemayel (1898-1958) As a young student, Gemayel started out studying pharmacology, to which he was genuinely devoted. But he also was a gifted painter who was taught arts by Khalil Saleeby, another Lebanese master painter, until eventually, his talent … Continue reading

Le Depart by Paul Guiragossian

Fine Art

Paul Guiragossian “Le Depart”

March 20, 2015

‘Le Depart,’ a masterpiece dated 1957 by Paul Guiragossian, depicts in colors the reality experienced by many of the Lebanese people, who under their country’s difficult circumstances, have been obliged to depart and leave their homeland & beloved ones, seeking … Continue reading


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